Living “Intention” vs. Living “In Tension”

Living “Intention” vs. Living “In Tension” The increased challenges that we are facing in the world can erode our sense of security. In the past we could chart our personal and financial lives with a reasonable amount of confidence. It is an understatement that things in the world are not as predictable as they once were. Back in 1998, President …

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Tools for Turbulent Times

Over a year ago when General Motors was still a stock that was coveted for generations and virtually no one outside of the investment world knew who Bernie Madoff was, I created a seminar which I called “Tools for Turbulent Times.” I just had a sense that we were headed into uncertain times and a time of significant challenge. As …

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Biology of Stress

The Biology of Stress In these turbulent times, anything any of us can do to stay in our balance point is essential. In the last blog, I mentioned “fear management” as something that I have been giving thought to lately. The following article is something I wrote last year as a means of helping to understand what happens to us …

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State of Grace

For years I have been helping people with stress management. A lot of the tools that I use have been ways that I have helped myself through life’s challenges. I began my career as a science teacher in the inner city of Detroit and the first tool I added to my stress management toolbox was a sketch of a tornado …

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