Life Alignment

life alignment

There is a root system to how we view of ourselves and the world. As we Experience Life, we gather data and have Insights about how Life works. The data from our Insights gets sorted and forms our Beliefs. Our Beliefs incline us to make Assumptions and our Assumptions draw Experiences to us. This sequence of processing Life experiences is like a revolving door. It can serve us, for instance, by having a positive relationship with money and the good habits that go with it. However if this process leads to a revolving door of limiting beliefs and self sabotaging programs then we are not being served.

David Pasikov has been a practitioner of Life Alignment, a system of energy healing since 1993 and is an Advanced Teacher as well as the U.S. Coordinator for this work.  David taught Life Alignment as an Assistant Professor at Holos University from January 2011 until his retirement in January of 2015.

He utilizes this process as a form of body centered psychotherapy to help release limiting beliefs and self sabotaging programs. It takes the talk therapy to a much deeper level. He also finds it to be a most effective and non invasive tool, particularly in addressing stress, injury or trauma. That being said, not every client will choose to do Life Alignment and he never imposes it as part of his work. It is available as a menu selection.