Upcoming Class Schedule

For any of the classes, please click the link to the flyer, print it out and mail in the registration form with your deposit.  Thank you.

2017 Life Alignment U.S. Schedule

January 20 – 23: Module 2 Body Alignment Technique

Module 2 Flyer Boulder 2017

March 3 – 6: Module 3 Body Alignment Technique

Module 3 Flyer Boulder 2017

March 31st (evening)  – April 2: Vortex Alignment 

Vortex Alignment Flyer Boulder 2017

April 21 – 24: Module 4 Body Alignment Technique

Module 4 Flyer Boulder 2017

May 19 – 21: Home Alignment

Home Alignment Flyer 2017

June 9 – 12: Module 5 Body Alignment Technique

Module 5 Flyer Boulder 2017

July 15 – 16: Organization Alignment 

Organization Alignment Flyer 2017

August 17: One day Intensive with founder Jeff Levin (open to Life Alignment students and the public

Intensive 2017

August 18-21: Module 6 Body Alignment Technique with Jeff Levin 

Module 6 Flyer Boulder 2017

September 29 – October 1: Life Alignment Introductory Course, Body Spin

Body Spin, the introductory course to the Life Alignment system of energy healing will be taught in Longmont, Colorado (near Boulder) Friday, September 29th (evening) as well as September 30th and October 1st(days).  To register for the class, please click the link below to download and print the registration form to mail in with your deposit.  Thank you.

BodySpin Flyer Boulder 2017

October 12 – Introduction to the Biofield Viewer with Dr. Thornton Streeter

Biofield Viewer Intro Flyer 2017

November 10 – 12: Module 1 Body Alignment Technique

Module 1 Flyer Boulder 2017

Module 1 Flyer Boulder 2017

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